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For ticket purchases after 1st December 2020

The COVID19 situation is complex and constantly evolving and the following guidance is provided should you find yourself in the position of being unable to attend the booked event due to COVID19:

If you are displaying symptoms of COVID19, the current advice is to be tested as soon as possible and the following will apply based on your results:

A positive test result – if you test positive for COVID19 and can evidence this, your refund will be paid. Your required self-isolation period would need to cover the event date.

A negative test result – if you test negative for COVID19, our normal terms & conditions will apply and you will need to provide documentary evidence which confirms your inability to attend the event, in order for your refund claim to be considered.

Test & Trace and required self-isolation – The Ticket Holder(s) have been ordered to self-isolate by a government department or a health service provider (evidence must be provided).

In all incidences we are unable to administer refunds if you cannot provide suitable documentary evidence.

For ticket purchases prior to 1st December 2020

Please review the Terms and Conditions for confirmation of the protection provided for your specific booking.

If you require further guidance, please contact us with details of your booking and current situation and a member of the team will contact you within two business days.